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Revell Fw190 F-8 Build Blog Part 5

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Well, hello again...

Time for another update in "Simon ruins a kit for your entertainment".

When I last updated, we had this

All ready for masking.

So, I started with the wheel wells. 

Using blue wipes soaked in water (if you can't get hold of blue wipes, kitchen towel will do. Don't use toilet paper, it's designed to dissolve which rather defeats the object of what we're trying to do here.) Fill the wheel wells and push everything into the corners.

Next thing is to mask the canopy.

Using your favourite masking tape, cover the canopy

Then burnish the tape down with a cocktail stick

And trim it down with a sharp knife. Like so

The main canopy is in the great Blue Peter tradition of "here's one I did earlier".

This means that we are, finally, ready for paint.

Firstly, I'll paint the inside of the canopy. RLM66 of course.

I've used the excess in the airbrush cup to start the preshading.

Preshading continues...

The aircraft I'm modelling had a yellow band on the nose and a yellow rudder.

I'll sand out that run later.

And that'll need another couple of thin coats to build up the colour.

Meanwhile, I've painted the propeller, cooling fan, backplate and spinner.

The yellow on the aircraft nose has now dried, so time to mask it off.

Before masking.

Like so.

And I've masked up the rudder as well.

First paint's on. 

Then the grey.

And some mottling.

Now it's time for some dark green, on the wings and tailplanes and adding to the mottling.

Like this on the port side of the model, and this on the starboard side.

And that's all for now. Next time I'll have the model unmasked and glossed up and I might even start to get some decals on it. It really is starting to look like an Fw 190 now..

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